Datingbytes com

Its focus is to discuss the world of dating and to put to rest the many taboos the average single person finds while living in a fast paced world.

The hosts and guests of the show will touch upon many subjects such as Online Dating, One Night Stands, Safe Sex, Swinging, Marriage, Break Ups and more!

Listen in as host Matt Scanlan asks questions ranging from how often do you do it?

Join Matt as always is the young and beautiful Jessie Graham, the talented and funny James Rodney and our guest panelist from Gossip, celebrity expert, Whitney Tulio.

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Small sketchbooks accompany him the whole day and getting filled with drawings for an endless number of ideas and concepts.

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The cast of Dating Bytes sits down and discusses the taboo topic of Masturbation!

His work created a playful and creative cosmos, where thoughts transform into material structures and matter become thinking.

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Join in as host Matt Scanlan aka DJ Love Hz discusses the situation with co-host Jessie Graham, producer James Rodney and our guest from Gossip, Whitney Tulio.

Dating Bytes is a podcast recorded live in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario.