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The Harvard University Collection of Musical Instruments is available to students to help promote the appreciation of musical instruments from all cultures and time periods. Viola da gamba (bass) by Dominik Zuchowicz, Canadian, 1985. Gift of Emil Lehmann from the estate of his wife Jennifer W.

As a resource for the music department, the Collection serves as a laboratory for courses in period performance, world music, and organology.

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At 16 he was admitted to the Hochschule für Musik in Leipzig, studying with Karl Straub, who had been a pupil of the 19th-century conductor and composer Reger, with whom Wunderlich retained a deep fascination.

During this period, however, the Nazis, were cementing their grip on power, and in May 1936 Heinz witnessed the destruction in Leipzig of a statue of the Jewish composer Mendelssohn.

As to op.326, published, according to HMB, in books, starting(?By the following year the Russians had arrived, and on one occasion Wunderlich was accosted by a drunken soldier brandishing a pistol who demanded to see his papers and then promptly declared them to be forged.The Karl Höfner company is today one of the most renowned companies in the musical instrument industry worldwide.Wunderlich’s first formal post, when he was 18, was at the city’s St Petri Church.Four years later, in 1941, he had just been appointed to the Moritz Church, in Halle, when he was drafted into the German Army; but he contracted typhoid and saw only home duty.