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After World War II, Lee studied law at Fitzwilliam College, in Cambridge, UK.In 1950, he was admitted to the English bar, but instead of practicing law there, Lee returned to Singapore to do so., which makes it easier to distinguish but I prefer to use the common original Chinese literal translation because it’s always been so beautiful to me.The C-drama version is my favorite drama of 2017 so far, the only time a fantasy (Xian Xia) period drama has worked for me, and with such quiet and confident world and romance building narrative and directed with masterful restraint and visual beauty.However due to his appearance not fitting the role, his scenes were later cut.Yan first gained attention with his appearance in wuxia drama Taiji Prodigy and later historical drama The Prince of Qin, Li Shimin.

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In the early 1950s, Singapore buzzed with talk of constitutional reform and independence, and Lee banded with other like minds to challenge the governing structure of the country.

Soon breaking from this group and taking a more radical stance, in 1954 Lee became secretary-general of his own party, the People's Action Party.

At the time, Singapore was a British colony and held Britain's main naval base in the Far East.

The country was ruled by a governor and a legislative council, mostly comprising wealthy Chinese businessmen who were appointed rather than elected by the people.