Uk style speed dating san francisco

I vowed to go in with an open mind, and if I didn't come out of it with a date, I'd at least have a good story.

Fast Forward to last night: My girlfriends and I show up to Xino in Santa Monica, dressed up, and ready to make snap judgments about the eligibility of strange men.

We say yes to a very few - limiting it to locales that are at once casually hip and comfortably relaxing.

Venues that have a dash of fun thrown in for good measure.

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Please try using our search function to find your content.The video shows Kenneth Cha firing a single shot at 26-year-old Nicholas Flusche who repeatedly stabbed a worker last Wednesday for not giving him a free sandwich. The police department released footage, which was filmed on Cha's partner's bodycam, on Wednesday.It is not clear if Cha was wearing a camera himself.Diners appear to have had mixed reactions to the concept. Today I am, because I make the rules and I can change them if I want to. Uh, because I went speed dating this week, and chances are, you're probably curious about what that is/whether it was fun and if you should try it, and I've got your back. (Note: I've taken measures to protect the some of the innocent, stupid, and/or ridiculous people I met last night.