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In addition, the Community Service Agency recognized Fred Wee of Interiors & Textiles as a 2016 “Hometown Hero” – an award that “recognizes individuals and businesses in our community that have had an impact for the better on our community”.“We are humbled and honored to have been recognized for this project”, said Fred Wee, Owner of Interiors & Textiles.“The income disparity in Silicon Valley continues to increase , and CSA continues to do a remarkable job of assisting those who are, in many ways, casualties of the Bay Area Boom.It was a very proud moment for them.” On the day of the launch, the farmers were given a tour of One World Trade Center, the first building to be completed on the rebuilt Twin Towers site.The New Zealand contingent was the first group to ever be permitted to tour the building, following an invitation from Architectural Digest, owned by media giant, Conde Nast, which has its offices on the 34th floor.June 2017 – It was an emotional and triumphant experience to see their product presented to the North American market for a group of New Zealand wool growers last month.Just Shorn®, CP Wool’s range of premium New Zealand wool carpets and rugs, was launched in New York City on May 18 at an event attended by New Zealand Trade Commissioner – Consul General, Beatrice Faumuina.

Supported by major funding from Linked In and in-kind product and service donations from national and local suppliers and contractors, , the team transformed the CSA lobby into a “Welcome Center.

Busy harbors have necessitated the need for development of coastal cities.

However, due to strict conservation laws, many parts of the coastline still remain undeveloped, […]Read More coastal decor, Coastal Living, Seaside Interiors, seaside style guide, take a look at the East Coast first: Heading south from old New England to the Mid-Atlantic Coast, down to Carolina Lowcountry past the Florida bi-coast boasts.

To the distant Southernmost Point of our Continental U.

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