Who is big time rush dating

' " Now that the proposal has been made, it's on to the wedding planning, which Pena admitted will be up to his bride-to-be. "But she sat me down to plan this because it takes a long time.

Kendall Schmidt is perfectly comfortable being the boy bander from Big Time Rush. “I just got one in South America — it’s an outline of South America with a music note in it,” he revealed.

The girl pulled back an arm to set him straight, but that arm was quickly enveloped by a familiar grasp, held back in a tight grip. Guys, meet Jade West." He gestured to her, before he gestured to the remaining of his group. Carlos Garcia, Kendall Knight, and Logan Schmidt." He pointed to each one carefully while saying their name respectively, smiling brightly. Usually when he dated, he would go for girls that adored his features, gushed over everything he said and giggled like hyenas at his every smile. Honestly, they just started dating about three weeks ago and James was not ready to lose her because of some petty resemblance to Heather Fox. " Logan asked."Getting out her aggression on our best pal." Carlos informed, grasping his biceps and turning to face them."-Why, exactly? Carlos could let James have this girl, because honestly? And this girl could give him exactly what he needed. SMASH."-I'm in intense pain-I need a hot nurse-."BOOM."I NEED A DOCTORRRR!

Carlos, Kendall, and Logan all looked at James in utter relief, all sighing in unison."James, thank God you came, she was about to-" Carlos started, but stopped at James next words and actions. The three of them exchanged shocked glances before all yelling at him simultaneously. "[Oo Oo Oo O]"James stared at them quizzically, as the rebeliess girl in his arms was only smirking, laying her head against James' shoulder contently. Jade smirked largely and eyed each one of them carefully. " The three said in unison, looking at him seriously. "Even I think she's scary-and very unstable."Carlos was wordless, staring off at her in a trance. Said guy jumped - startled, snapping out of his trance briefly. "Why exactly do we-" But Carlos locked onto him and tugged him off to the side, leaving a confuzzled Kendall and Logan."Uh-OW! But when he met Jade once at a mall signing, with her little redhead friend, everything changed. He was determined to get her; because honestly - she was the one girl who didn't fawn when he walked by or didn't immediately start shouting his name and demanding that he date her like a silly fan-girl. Jade was far better than a girl who broke his best friend's heart. A knock pulled him from his thoughts and he looked up, watching the door slowly inch open, his girlfriend's familiar black and purple hair peeking through, her gray eyes meeting his instantly."Jade." James greeted in slight surprise, expecting more or less it to be one of the guys. Plus much much more."OH MY GOD JADE, HOW DO YOU BREAK A STEEL BAT-AHH! "[Oo Oo Oo O]AN: First Big Time Rush story and first crossover of Jade and James that was not an RP. I tried to fashion it after a REAL Big Time Rush episode, minus the amount of swearing on Jade's part; but then again, how would you feeling it a shitload of people were accusing you of being someone you weren't?

We are both on the same network [Nickelodeon], so we seen each other here and there, but we've really only spent a lot of time together recently on tour.

Do you think we can see you coming out on an episode anytime soon?

[As far as an episode apperance] I will tell you that if I get back, and they are still shooting, I will definitely go and try and do that.

’ It was all four of us in the gym at the same time,” he said. I was like guys, ‘I work out,’ I’m just not like, you know, meat head-y. I like that,” Kendall added of his eight tats and counting.

Peta’s previous relationship, as many pro Peta Murgatroyd dating have been flying since the two where spotted at what appeared to be a dinner date at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, SUR, in West Hollywood on Tuesday night.

The site’s source says that both Maslow and Murgatroyd made time in their busy schedules to sit down and do dinner together.

The happy couple, who have been dating since last year, announced their engagement via Twitter last week, with Vega proudly showing off her stunning engagement ring.

But little does Vega know, she's actually not the first person to sport the canary diamond stunner.