Who is hosea chanchez dating

Nobody's going to be happy either way, and that's what I realized."You're not going to want to know because nobody likes spoiler alerts, but I will tell you, a lot of choices will be made, and he will [Jason Pitts] will make a choice - you will see that for sure.

A lot of conclusions will be tied up with the characters, and again, some of it you're going to like, and some of it you're going to hate."I really don't care, I don't.

Soon after graduating from the Jefferson Davis High School from his home town, he made to Hollywood.

He found the job as a car salesman and used his free time to perfect his craft through various classes and workshops.

Apparently, she was seeing both "The Game" star, Hosea Chanchez and Fox News correspondent, Adam Housley.

I mean, you know, honestly, I've thought about this every year like, 'okay, well are they going to come back'.

And then, at a certain point in time as an artist, as an actor, you've got to move on, and even with the producers, it's like, 'well okay, you know what?

While decent in ratings since its move to BET, the show began to lose its steam.

Once the lead characters (Melanie and Derwin) left after season five, "That was my main objective for the last season, coming back to do the last season of the show, was to make sure that he had found some resolve in his life, and some form of happiness, and some form of maturity that allowed him to live life that we hadn't seen on TV. Some of it, I agree with, and some of it, I didn't - I have to be honest with you.