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Was it a form of womanly deceit to hoist my small breasts up in cushioned cups, a bit of self-promotion to the coveted size C I’ve always longed for? Get in touch with your femininity.”My heart wanes a little just remembering.

My push-up bra with extra padding lies on the floor.

I loved this time with my father, but he certainly didn’t give me any helpful hints on how to be a woman.

My strategy of supplementation began in preparation for the eighth grade spring dance.

News articles: embrace your younger self, divorced women can find love again (over and over again), get a makeover to improve your odds of standing out, join motorcycle gangs and wholesome church groups to meet single men and relocate to better single friendly areas to find your soul mate.

The Mammo Van, with its larger-than-life photo of Kathy, serves as a rich and lasting legacy of Morgan’s first love.

This year’s ANA Championship marks the 10th anniversary of Pressel’s record-breaking victory.

Pressel, looking polished in a smart navy dress and heels, had come to the Old Course at Broken Sound for a photo shoot with the van, which was sandwiched between tents for an upcoming Champions Tour event.

The nearly-29-year-old Pressel resembles her late mother, Kathy, more with each passing year.