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Luckily, we here at Crave Online have compiled a list of Do's and Don'ts that should see you through the date.

Valentine’s Day is usually a date reserved for existing couples, not for two people who have only recently met.

If you've asked a girl out on a first date on Valentine's Day, then kudos to you, good sir – you have inexplicably doubled the amount of pressure a first date usually places on a man's shoulders by holding it on the most romantic day of the year.

In doing so, you're likely going to need a few tips to ensure that you make it through February 14th with your dignity in tact.

If not, it’s okay but the personalization of this gift is what makes it such a meaningful one.

Once you’ve put together your list of dates, come up with one word that you can put on the match card for that date.

All restaurants on Valentine’s Day are going to be packed to the rafters with men and women swooning over one another, so taking a first date out for a meal will likely lead to you looking like a deer caught in headlights, unsure of how to Just because you don’t really know each other doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Don’t go overboard with the gift-giving – a huge bouquet of flowers will not look good whilst awkwardly positioned on the bar – but a box of chocolates or something equally Cards are solely reserved for partners, friends and family.

Find out what it takes to be a star---whether through singing, acting, or modeling, you get to strut your stuff in the career of your choice. - Valentine's day themed locale, clothes, and accessories - Compete in a fabulous beauty contest against other Star Girl users.

Sandra should get ready before her boyfriend Cory picks her up. Help Sandra prepare cute Valentine gifts to surprise him, then style her hair and make up for this special day.

Use your mouse and keyboard to complete your tasks, close the task window when you hear the door knock.

Rather than just celebrating on Valentine’s Day, this date night match game gives you a chance to enjoy dates with your significant other all year long.

I sometimes find that we fall into a rut when it comes to date nights and always end up going to dinner or watching a movie on the couch.