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The XBRL Review Checklist is a great resource to help you have a successful filing.The topics below contain links to other help articles/videos to explore topics in greater length to supplement the XBRL Review Checklist.Document validation, clearing XBRL-related validation messages, and test filing will get you a long way towards a successful filing, but there are factors outside your control that can prevent the submission.

Foreign private issuers may use these new procedures, those available to EGCs (if the issuer so qualifies), or the procedures for non-public submissions by foreign private issuers set forth in the SEC's May 2012 statement.

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See the instructions below to access the XBRL Review Checklist.

As part of its ongoing efforts to facilitate capital formation, on June 29, 2017, the SEC's Division of Corporation Finance (Division) announced that effective July 10, 2017, it will permit all issuers to submit certain draft registration statements for review on a confidential basis, similar to the procedure currently available to Emerging Growth Companies (EGCs) and foreign private issuers.

This process will be available for an initial Securities Act registration statement and related revisions, an initial registration statement for a class of securities under Exchange Act Section 12(b) and related revisions, as well as most Securities Act offerings made in the first year after an issuer has entered the public reporting system (Follow-On Offerings).