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about curating an outfit, why she won't borrow clothes and her relationship with French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy.

She told the magazine, "He is quite obviously the love of my life.

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I oil the cogs a bit, saying, 'Selfie, or it didn't happen'."His fans might so far be a niche group – namely fans of E4's smash-hit sitcom The Inbetweeners, in which he played the bully Mark Donovan.The familiar drift of weekdays with respect to dates results from the fact that the number of days in a physical year (one full orbit of earth around the sun, approximately 365.24 days) is not a multiple of seven.By reducing common years to 364 days (52 weeks), and adding an extra week every five or six years, the Hanke–Henry Permanent Calendar eliminates weekday drift and synchronizes the calendar year with the seasonal change as the Earth circles the Sun.Since then, Lloyd-Hughes has gone on to have supporting roles in Anna Karenina, British party film Weekender and will appear later this year as Charles Bovary in a new film adaptation of Madame Bovary. I went to an expensive school and my name's Henry Lloyd-Hughes, so who's going to believe that I'm actually quite middle class and boring?He has also appeared in countless stage productions, most notably the first run of Laura Wade's Posh. "Having lived in Hackney for almost 10 years, Lloyd-Hughes married his long-term girlfriend in 2014.