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While a useful term for clinicians to collectively describe these presentations, it is a term which can provoke unnecessary anxiety and alarm in parents.

In well over 95% of patients with these presentations the cause is physiological or a relatively benign pathological condition (see below).

The Senate Republicans' campaign arm is threatening GOP consulting firms not to work against Sen. The National Republican Senatorial Committee, which recruits and defends Republican candidates, could not immediately be reached for comment. "We have made it very clear from the beginning that Sen.

Luther Strange would be treated as an incumbent," NRSC spokeswoman Katie Martin told Politico, according to remarks posted by the Andalusia Star.

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Exaggerated physiological airway protection reflexes is the most common explanation ( read more ) Occasionally the ALTE is the first sign of a developing viral respiratory infection, with more typical coryzal illness or bronchiolitis appearing in subsequent days.

The authors define BRUE as an event observed in infants younger than 1 year during which an observer reports a sudden, brief (less than one minute), but then resolved episode including at least one of the following: cyanosis or pallor; absent, decreased, or irregular breathing; marked change in muscle tone (hyper- or hypotonia); or altered responsiveness.

The guidelines also add that a BRUE is diagnosed only when there is no explanation for a qualifying event after completion of a thorough history and physical examination.

Joseph Gargiulo, of Holliston, was arrested last August when an FBI raid of his home turned up assault rifle parts, ammunition, incendiary materials and handwritten notes threatening violence against Muslims.

Gargiulo was prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition because his wife had been granted a restraining order against him.